AV Ace brings the cinema right into your house with its unparalleled AV Installations Sydney, HiFi Installations Sydney, and HiFi Specialists Sydney services.

AV Installations Sydney: 

Those who have been to and are a regular to cinemas know the feeling when every sound is heard clearly and unmistakably, even a delicate ruffle of a cloth, even the subtle breeze, even the sound of shallow breathing of a baby. For clearly understandable reasons, the cinema-goers want to simulate the effect with home theatre installation. And, AV Ace understands it. Among our services is the professional installation of home theatre system where we make sure you get the highest quality devices, 3D effects, and the feel of sound emanating as if it is being produced right around you. We have all kinds of wall-mount or desktop HDTVs, you name it. When we say we specialize in AV installation Sydney system, we mean that we cover all steps of system installation, from selling a system to installing it and making sure it is functional to full capacity. Our experts do not leave your door step until you are fully satisfied that everything is running smooth. Also, we offer technical help and repair services should you need them any time later.

HiFi Installations Sydney: 

Depending on your taste and preference, we offer top-of-the-range HiFi speakers for stereo and home theatre. Our HiFi installations Sydney system comprises of two giant loudspeakers; the right channel and the left channel. Originally meant for music, the HiFi system is the advanced sound system that is popular amongst a large number of our clients.

HiFi Specialists Sydney Services: 

At AV Ace, we are aware of the fact that without a powerful sound system, the effect of home theatre is incomplete. It is the echo and the resonance effect of the sound that creates the amazing feeling as if you are actually watching a movie, or sports, for that matter, in the 3D cinema. After all, what is the point of installing a high-priced home theatre if the acoustic is substandard?

This is exactly why we offer supreme quality HiFi specialists Sydney services with a high- and multi-frequency (treble, midrange, bass), sharp pitch and multi-speaker HiFi system.


AV ACE are the audio visual experts. We are equipped with the latest audio visual accessories and cables. Below are the services AV ACE offers; including but not limited to:

• Home theatre, commercial & business installations

• Home, commercial & business Automation

• Touchscreen Controllers

• Plasma/LCD installations

• Projector installations

• Multi-Room Audio/Video

• Digital TV connections/calibration

• Wireless Systems

• Pre/Custom Cabling Solutions

• Custom Installations

• Networking

• Sales, service & repairs

• Calibration & Tuning on all systems


Something not on this list? Please visit the contact page to get in touch with one of our professional staff members.


firefox-gray Home Theatre

From lo-fi to hi-fi AV ACE has advanced home theatre installation and tuning skills. We ensure you make the most out of  you a/v components by optimising component placement, cables, tuning & accessories leaving you with total satisfaction    that your home theatre is performing 100% to it’s potential.


firefox-grayWall Mounting

AV ACE is a master when it comes to wall mounting your new Television or Speaker systems and will tackle any situation you can imagine. AV ACE have years of experience in custom mounting home and professional audio visual equipment using the latest techniques and bracket solutions.


firefox-grayAll-in-one Remote Programming

With todays ever growing audio visual market it can become a little confusing when trying to shuffle through all of those different remotes. Make your home theatre easy to use by purchasing one of our all in one remotes. AV ACE will setup the remote to ensure the ease of operation and efficiency. No more remote confusion!


firefox-grayMulti-room Systems

AV ACE loves bringing families and businesses together. We have complete multi-room audio visual solutions to suit yoiur needs and budget. Play your favourite songs in any room of the house while your kids can enjoy their own music in a different room! There are dozens of ways to enjoy the functionality of multi-room systems.


firefox-grayProjectors & Screens

Why bother going to the movies when you can have your own private cinema at home? AV ACE offers a range of quality projectors and screens for you to enjoy!


firefox-gray3D Technology

3D Televisions are a giant step in technology reulting in a whole new home theatre experience! AV ACE have an in-depth understanding of 3D Televisions and can provide the latest advice and correct installations any application.



firefox-grayCustom Cables

Real a/v enthusiasts understand the importance of cables. Our custom cables are the path to truly maximising the experience of your audio and visual equipment!


firefox-grayDigital TV, Antenna and Reception

Take the confusion out of digital television by having AV ACE custom install and tune your TV. Have you got reception and/or antenna issues? Have no fear, AV ACE has a solution for you!